Monday, September 5, 2016

Breaded tomatoes your way

Tomatoes are in abundance this time of year, whether you grow them yourself or buy them from the grocery store. If you find yourself with tomatoes that you can't use up, breaded tomatoes is the perfect answer. Breaded tomatoes are so good, they're worth buying a few extra for.

Making them is simple enough and you can easily adjust the "recipe" to suit yourself. Here are the basics

Peel two or three tomatoes, either by plunging them in boiling water for a minute then in cold water and slipping the skins or by peeling them with a knife. Using the boiling water method will save more of the tomato.

Put the tomatoes into a large saucepan and add about a quarter inch of water; just enough to keep them from burning when they first start to cook.

Add whatever spices and seasonings you prefer: Onions, garlic and oregano, or cilantro, chili powder and onions or try sage and minced celery. Whatever your preferences are, add a little salt, smash the tomatoes with a potato masher or a fork and mix everything together.

Simmer for a quarter to a half hour, then add stale bread, torn in small pieces. Add enough bread to soak up the liquid without making it dry.

That's all there is to it. You can make it so many ways that you can have it often if you have a glut of tomatoes from the garden.

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