Friday, December 11, 2015

Save Costs and Stress During the Holiday Season

Most people have the holidays on their minds right now. Each holiday has its special treats; some expensive, some inexpensive. The main thing to keep in mind is that although you may spend more for those treats or the ingredients to make them, you can still cut costs in other ways.

By using all of the shopping tips you can come up with (look through the posts on this blog!), cooking from scratch whenever you can and stretching the more expensive ingredients for every day meals, you can save enough to splurge on the traditions that make your holiday special.

Most of us are busier than usual this time of year, too, so keeping meals simple definitely helps!

Instead of making a salad, for instance, cut up a few vegetables and put out the salad dressing. Make simple ground beef patties, add a vegetable and a starch if you want and there is a meal. Cut up raw vegetables, slice some cheese and cold cuts and call it good.

You don't have to overdo either the cost or the stress of the season to make it great!

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