Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why You Should Stock a Pantry

Most, but not all of us are within minutes of a grocery store, and don't think too much about keeping a great stock of basic groceries on hand. It used to be that every house had a pantry and every pantry was stocked, according to the season, as well as the lady of the house could stock it.

Even now, it pays in real dollars and cents to keep the pantry full. I gave a list of things to keep on hand, but you should adjust it to suit yourself. One person may not be able to survive without tomato sauce; another may be in bad shape without soy sauce. Make a list of those things you feel are basic to your food needs, then keep a sharp eye out  for inexpensive

There are many ways to stock your pantry, including salvage groceries, loss leaders, free food, gardening (and canning, etc.), and judicious use of coupons.

All the talking in the world won't help one bit when the time comes that you are without a vehicle or the weather is too bad to go to the store or you have had a financial crisis and you need to feed your family.

That's why you should stock a pantry, even if it's a small one. If you don't have a pantry or room for one, look for other places to store food. A box under the bed will store canned food, while a closet shelf could hold dry foods like flour, beans or pasta.

If those places won't work, slip it behind the couch, under a cloth covered table or in a dresser drawer. Look for unconventional places.

Stocking a pantry when you find low prices will save you lots of money and just having food on hand will save you some panic time.

If you can only devote $5 a week (or a month) to stocking up, do it. There will come a time when you will be very glad that you did.
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