Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tenderize a Cheap Roast

That meat counter is scary any more! A decent roast can cost you an hour's work or more, so why not use a cheaper cut? Too tough, you say? Not if you do it this way. Guaranteed, the meat will be so tender it will fall apart. You won't be able to have it rare or medium rare; it will be well done. That's the only drawback for some of you.

Here we go:

Get a cheap chuck roast or other cut of beef (it doesn't have to be called a "roast"), put it in a roasting pan and pour about a half cup of apple cider vinegar over it. After that, pour a cup of strong black coffee over it. Then you can sprinkle on salt, pepper and any other spices you want.

If you're using a slow cooker, go ahead and add cut up vegetables. If you are using an oven, let the roast cook about half way before adding vegetables. Put the lid on, turn the heat to high in a slow cooker, around 350 in an oven and walk off.

Easy enough? And cheap, too.

This method (vinegar and coffee) can be used on any tough cut of meat. The vinegar helps break down the connecting tissue while coffee brings out the rich, robust flavor of beef or similar meat. The caffeine in coffee doesn't seem to be a problem, but if you're feeding someone who doesn't tolerate caffeine, decaf works nicely, too. Instant coffee is great to have on hand for things like this.

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