Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Store Brand Savings

Store brands have come a long way since the first plain black and white "generic" label that started it all. There are still generic brands, but they've decided that a more stylish colorful label doesn't cost that much to produce and individual stores have successfully taken up the banner.

Kroger's, Safeway and others have their own brands that often rival national brands in quality but are priced for less, and sometimes far less than national brands.

Krogers goes under the name of King Soopers here and sells the Kroger brand. They also sell their own organic brand, "Simple Truth" and another brand, called "Pssst" (how do you pronounce that?), which is very basic and very inexpensive. Some of it's good and some, not so much. For instance their saltine crackers are fine but their facial tissue is very rough.

Safeway has had its own brands for years and some of it is very good. I used to prefer Safeway's Edwards Coffee over Folger's, but I don't drink coffee now and I hear that the coffee has changed. Safeway also has its own organic line as well as several other brands.

Other stores have their own brands, but those are the two biggest chain groceries here. One other store that has an excellent store brand is located in only a few states. If you're lucky enough to have a Sprouts store near you, check out their store brands. I have yet to be disappointed, although their prices are overall slightly higher than bigger stores.

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm sure you have your favorites. If there are some store brand products you have shied away from so far, give them a chance. You and your food budget might be pleasantly surprised.

We all have favorite name brand products and that's okay as long as we can afford it. Some name brands really do seem better, but they are few and far between, as the saying goes. We don't have to buy everything at a premium.

All in all, store brands can save up to 20%, or possibly more if we're careful. Some stores even have coupons on their own products and of course, they have sales, which means even more savings.

The next time you shop, why not make it a point to try one store brand product that you haven't tried before? Every time we switch to a less expensive version, we save another little bit and those little bits can add up to quite a bit!

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