Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to Find Free Fruit

Would you like to can a dozen jars of applesauce from free apples? How about eating free grapes, or making grape juice? Or picking pears just right for eating, although you don't have a pear tree?

If you have a fruit tree, you know how abundantly they can produce in some years. You may have had a problem keeping the falling fruit cleaned up or trying to process it for winter use. You're not the only one! People all across your town or city or rural neighborhood often have a glut of fruit and would love someone to come and pick it.

When you're out and about, driving or walking, keep a sharp eye out for trees or vines that look overloaded. It never hurts to ask if you could pick a few and if the homeowner says no, just say, "Thanks" and go on. The next will probably will be eager to have you pick some of the fruit.

Another way to find free fruit is by word of mouth, of course. Put out the word that you're looking for it and you might be surprised at the results. Freecycle and Craigslist are both good places to watch for free fruit. If you don't see anything, ask for it. Both sites are free to use.

Falling Fruit is one site that can help you find local free fruit and another, called Neighborhood Fruit started out  looking very promising, but it doesn't look very good now. Still it might be worth checking out.

Public lands sometimes have fruit trees, either wild or planted. As a rule these fruits are available to the public for the picking. We have picked wild plums, apples, chokecherries and raspberries on public lands and right of ways. Just watch for them.

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