Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gleaning From a Farmer's Field

It took a long time to get up the courage to ask a farmer if we could glean his field! Today's big harvesting equipment leaves a lot of food in the field. Big isn't always inefficient but in this case, it is.

That's fine, because you and I can benefit from that inefficiency.

Onions, carrots, potatoes, beets and anything else that grows in large fields are usually harvested by machinery that is set at a certain height or depth and since nature is anything but consistent when it comes to how plants grow, the machinery often skips and misses the produce.

Are you ready?

Get some bags, several small ones work better than one large one. Get in the car and go looking for freshly harvested fields. Find the farmer and get permission to go and pick up "a few leftover carrots" or whatever.

That's it. Go and pick up the carrots. Or cabbage or potatoes or whatever. Take it home and take good care of it. Can it, dehydrate it, freeze it, eat it.

Just remember to use up the bruised or damaged ones first and don't try to keep them for more than a day or two without doing something with them.

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