Thursday, September 24, 2015

Barbecue Sauce Your Way

Let's have some fun today. It's easy to grab a can of that sloppy joe sauce and pour it over a pan of browned beef, but it's just as easy to make it with barbecue sauce and making your own barbecue sauce is simple. As long as you have some basic ingredients on hand, it's fun, too, because you make it to your own tastes.

It takes mustard, ketchup and honey or brown sugar. You can add steak sauce, "liquid" smoke flavoring, Worcestershire sauce or whatever else you like. You can put in more mustard than ketchup or more ketchup than mustard, eliminate the honey or brown sugar or substitute them with other sweeteners, from white granulated sugar to date sugar.

You can eliminate the mustard altogether, add horseradish or hot pepper sauce, substitute tomato sauce for the ketchup or do away with it entirely and use steak sauce for a base.

Didn't I say it would be fun? It can also be confusing. To make it easier,  you can start with equal amounts of mustard and ketchup and one of the sweeteners. Try the flavor and adjust it to suit yourself. When you're comfortable with that, you can add other flavors to create your own special, signature barbecue sauce to use everywhere you would use the store bought kind.

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